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How to become a Freemason and what does it entail



You must be a free man of at least 21 years of age and be of good character, you must also have a belief in a supreme being, you will not be expected to explain what you believe that supreme being to be, that is a matter for you alone.

Do you know a Mason, if so ask him to propose you, contrary to what you may have read or heard we do not solicit for members, we wait until we are asked.

If you do not know anyone who is involved with Freemasonry but would still like to join or find out more, contact your local Province, most Provinces have a website these days and on most you will find information about becoming a member, you can also go to the United Grand Lodge website

If you live within easy driving distance of Prescot, Merseyside consider joining Prescot Lodge, contact us using the link on the left.

What will happen when I apply to join?

If you have been proposed by a Mason you will be given a simple form to fill in (he will help you with this) and some enquiries will be made to satisfy us that you are a fit person, ie. you do not have any unspent criminal convictions and that you are a person of good character. You will then be invited for an interview, your proposer will be there with you and it is a very informal affair, you will be asked if you believe in a supreme being, you must answer yes to this question, and the members present may then ask you any question they wish with the exception of your political or religious associations, we are not permitted even to discuss those topics within the lodge.
You will probably be asked if your family are happy about your joining, this is not essential but your enjoyment will be severely hampered if your membership could cause friction within your family. You will then be balloted for at a Lodge meeting and assuming the ballot is successful arrangements will be made for your initiation ceremony.

What if I do not know a Mason?

All Lodges have a slightly different approach, If you have applied to join but not been proposed the procedure is usually a little more involved, at Prescot Lodge firstly some of the Lodge members will wish to visit you at home and we usually ask that your Wife or Partner is present, we will then invite you and your partner to one or two Lodge functions, or perhaps to come and meet us after our weekly practice session for a drink and a chat so that you and the members can get to know each other, by the time you have met a few of the members there will usually be someone more than willing to propose you, we currently have two members who came to us in exactly that way.

What will it cost me?

All Lodges are different in the way they apply their fees, some charge a membership fee and pay for their meals separately, others including Prescot Lodge charge for all meals for the year along with the fees. Fees vary but in general they will be between 100 and 200 per annum including meals, there will also be a one off fee on joining payable to the United Grand Lodge of England. In addition you will need a few pounds per meeting for drinks and for the charity collection and raffle.

How often do you meet?

Most Lodges meet once a month between September and May on the same day and in the evening, usually at around 6.30pm, there are exceptions but they are not common. In addition some have regular practice sessions which are very informal occasions and most Lodges have a rehearsal a few days before the meeting, many of us also spend time visiting other Lodges, this is not essential but a very pleasant occupation. (Prescot Lodge meet on the first Monday of the Months October to April at 6.30pm except January when it is the First Saturday at 3pm)

What happens at the meetings?

Again this varies a little from Lodge to Lodge. In most cases the meeting starts when the Lodge is formally opened, then the minutes of the previous meeting are approved, visiting Masons from other Lodges are admitted and the Lodge business is carried out for that meeting, this may be a ceremony or a talk or perhaps a demonstration of some ritual. There will usually be a charity collection (some Lodges do this after the meeting) and the Master will ask if there is anything to be said or proposed in the interests of Masonry, the Lodge will then be formally closed. After the meeting most Lodges will have a formal meal which we call the Festive Board, there will normally be some toasts and a couple of informal and often humorous speeches.

If I join and find it is not for me can I leave?

Of course you can, resigning from your Lodge is a simple matter of writing to the secretary, you can explain your reasons if you wish, but that is not essential, your letter will be read out to the members and they will accept it. No official attempt will be made to change your mind, although it is common for your new friends to be concerned and ask if you are sure, after all no-one likes to lose friends or colleagues. The idea of "Once a Mason always a Mason" is simply this. Once you have been made a member of a Masonic Lodge you can rejoin, or join another Lodge at any time. It is not uncommon for members to resign from a Lodge due to work or family commitments and then rejoin later when time allows.


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