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St, Helens and Prescot Halls open days 2012

Both halls in the St, Helens and Prescot Group opened their doors to the public recently in conjunction with the English Heritage Open Days scheme.

St, Helens Hall saw a steady stream of visitors on both Saturday and Sunday. The visitors were shown a video presentation which included a history of freemasonry, the Provincial Grand Masters address as seen on the Provincial website and a short presentation of freemasonry on the World Wide Web which stresses the openness of the masonic websites and their availability to the public as well as to freemasons.
The visitors were then taken on a guided tour of the hall including the magnificent Lodge Room with its famous domed ceiling. Many visitors, particularly the ladies and children, were encouraged to try the Masters chair for size, some commenting that it was not very comfortable. The usual reply from the guides being “after all we don’t want the master falling asleep, do we?”

The dining room was set out with details of the Masonic Charities and a brief history of the hall. Also on display was a presentation entitled “Famous Freemasons”, many visitors were surprised by the number of famous faces featured. One visitor revealed himself to be an archivist at the local library. He is currently resesarching the history of the architects who converted the hall from a paint store in 1926 and he has promised to help members with the history of the hall. One of the members who were helping at the hall took a little time out to visit the nearby Friends Meeting House, home of the local Quakers or society of friends, which is one of the oldest buildings in the area. Imagine his surprise and delight on learning that he had been shown round by a former freemason.

It was decided for this year to invite a local dignitary to Prescot Hall and George Howarth, Member of Parliament for Knowsley, agreed to come along on the Saturday, the only day the hall was open, accompanied by the local Vicar the Reverend Canon John Taylor. Both these gentlemen were full of praise for the hall and particularly the free and open way they were shown around and had their questions answered and the aims of freemasonry explained in detail. The Rev Taylor has long been a supporter of local freemasonry and is proud to host the annual Masonic Carol Service along with other masonic events. It is only a couple of years ago that our Grand Master HRH the Duke of Kent visited Prescot Parish Church where Rev Taylor is the incumbent.

Unfortunately Tony Bent the Assistant Provincial Grand Master for the group was away on holiday, so his opposite number from the Warrington Group Ian Boswell kindly agreed to stand in for him. Ian gave a short but light heated speech welcoming the guests and praising the work of the organisers and the standard of the displays at Prescot hall.



Some well known faces welcome MP George Howarth (3rd from right) to Prescot Hall


George Howarth MP gave a short speech in which he praised the local freemasons for their charity work and work in the community. He hoped that the open days would help to dispel many of the myths about freemasonry and help make the public aware of the benefits of the institution.

The members of the public who were shown round the hall were full of praise for the building, which is neatly tucked away between the local registry office and a dentists surgery. Many were unaware of it’s existence despite residing in Prescot all their lives. The visitors The visitors were also impressed by the members willingness to answer questions on freemasonry and our objectives.

One visitor likened the hall to Dr Who’s Tardis, the small entrance opening into a large and impressive bar and hall plus a dining room which can seat almost 100 guests.

were also impressed by the members willingness to answer questions on freemasonry and our objectives.


Groups of visitors being shown round the lodge room at StHelens

Several of the charities supported by the group were present to talk to the visitors


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