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50 Years in Masonry for Roy Bibby

 Prescot Mason Roy Bibby recently celebrated 50 years in Masonry at Prescot Masonic Hall surrounded by his many friends and colleagues. 

Roy was born at First Avenue Rainhill on 15th December 1926 and went to school nearby, firstly at Rainhill St Annes Infant and Junior School and later at Whiston Central School. He started work at British Sidac Ltd as an Apprentice Electrician, then seved his time as a Bricklayer with Stan Huyton. By age 19 he was working on the Bluebell Estate in Huyton for Unit Construction.

   Roys’ Father worked as a Dreyman for Greenall Whitley’s Brewery and in 1948 Roy joined the firm’s maintenance team as a bricklayer.

  Roy married Betty on the 6th of June 1953 only four days after the coronation, they have no children. Roy and Betty started unpaid training in 1954 in order to become Licensees at the Green Dragon Pub. In 1955 they were offered the Red Cat at Crank and the Sun Inn at Prescot but in 1956 they took over the British Soldier in Prescot and also ran outside bars in addition to their work in the pub.

  The year 1962 saw a move to the Holt at Rainhill where he and Betty spent thirty happy years until their retirement. Whilst at the Holt they bought Roy’s Current home in St Helens Road where they lived for 21 years. Sadly Roy lost his beloved wife Betty close to the end of 2012.

Roy was initiated into Prescot Lodge in 1963 on the 4th February. The Master at the time was Edwin Neve, his proposer was Billy Gabriel, Licensee of the Green Dragon, and his seconder Jim Antwis. Roy had been 6 years on the waiting list to join Prescot Lodge, He was passed on the 7th October 1963 and raised on the 4th November the same year. Roy was installed as Master of Prescot Lodge in January 1974 and has served 10 years as Assistant Director of Ceremonies and a further 11 years as Director of Ceremonies. Roy also served as Charity Steward of Prescot Lodge for several years.

  Provincial Honours came on the 7th October 1982 with promotion to in 1990 and final promotion to the highest Provincial rank in 1998. In addition Roy served as a director of  Prescot Masonic Hall from 1985 until 2000, he was the longest serving director to date.

  On the 13th January 1977 Roy became a founder member of Hardshaw Lodge where he served as the second Master and as Assistant Director of Ceremonies for four years. He then served as Charity Steward and Almoner for 16 years and as Director of Ceremonies for 16 years. He was also the group Representative from consecration until 2010.

  Roy was also an Honorary member of Antient Manor Lodge and a member of Mersey Valley Lodge of Installed Masters from it’s consecration in 1987 until he resigned in 2009 to give him more time to care for Betty.

  Side degrees also played an important place in his Masonic career with Exaltation to Antient Manor Chapter in 1976 becoming Principal in 1984. Appointment to Provincial Grand Chapter came in 1991 and promotion in 2002. He was a member of Prescot 903 Mark Lodge from 1983 and Prescot Conclave (Red Cross of Constantine) from 1988 where he was Divisional Sepulchre Guard for 7 years. He was also a member of St Helens Chapter Rose Croix where he was perfected in 1990 and was accorded the honour of the 30th degree in 2003, one of his proudest moments. As with Mersey Valley he resigned to care for Betty.

  Roy also served as Tyler for 12 years for the Jaques de Molay Knights Templar although he was not a member.

  Another  proud moment was when he was taken by his friend Len Parr to be invested with Mark Grand Honours by Prince Michael of Kent.

  Roy and Betty always particularly enjoyed all the Ladies Nights, Betty’s was held at the Fleece Hotel where they invited Ian Holland the secretary of Greenall Whitley Ltd. This was considered a particularly good move as the Fleece was a Greenall Whitley House.


Roy proudly displays his 50 year certificate, with Assistant Provincial Grand Master Tony Bent on his right and accompanied by other senior members of the Group and Province


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