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Social events and special meetings

During the year Prescot Lodge holds a number of special meetings and social events at which Members and their partners, families and friends gather, The foremost of these is the annual Ladies Evening, usually held in November, here we take the opportunity to thank our ladies for the support they give us without which it would be impossible for us to continue to enjoy our Masonry and the important charity work we do. Funded entirely by the Lodge members it is a lavish occasion, a formal dinner with entertainment and dancing, one or two speeches, usually light hearted and we present all the ladies with a gift chosen by the Master and his lady.

Group Outing to London 2014

St Helens and Prescot Masons and their wives and partners spent 3 days in London recently, Leaving on one of David Ogden's luxury coaches early on Friday morning the group arrived at the Hilton Hotel Canary Wharf in time for a short rest before being taken to the city in time for an evening meal. 

The group then met at the Piccadilly theatre for a marvellous performance of the new musical "Jersey Boys". This is the story of the American Four Seasons pop group who started in the 1960s and are still performing today.

Saturday morning saw a visit to Freemasons Hall by the majority of the Group, and this being the centenary year of the beginning of the Great War, a lot of attention was given to the memorial to those Freemasons who had given their lives during the war, with a particular explanation of the creation of the Hallstone Jewel. Obviously the Temple with its magnificent entrance doors was the major attraction, and to one unsuspecting Prescot Lodge Master Mason Daren Gandy the occasion became very significant when he was escorted to, and seated in the Grand Masters chair. A memory that will remain with him for many years to come.

Of those who elected not to visit Freemasons Hall, having visited it before, some of the group decided to go to the Tower of London to view the wonderful display of ceramic poppies. By armistice day 2018 there will be 888,246 poppies installed, one for each British and Colonial fatality during the war.

The volunteers placing the poppies round the Tower

Saturday afternoon was taken up with a visit to the Palace of Westminster, better known as the Houses of Parliament. The group took an audio tour of the Palace including the chambers of The House of Lords and The House of Commons and the magnificent Westminster Hall with it's famous hammer beam roof, this is one of the largest medieval halls in Europe and is still in regular use. In fact on the day of the visit a wedding was taking place in the chapel, the guide informing some of the Brethren that this is a privilege allowed to MPs and Staff.

The magnificent Westminster Hall with it's famous hammerbeam roof

On Saturday evening members of the group went their separate ways to various bars and restaurants for an evening meal before relaxing in the hotel lounge.

Sunday morning was taken up with a visit to Buckingham Palace where the group toured the magnificent State Rooms. The 19 rooms are lavishly decorated, gold leaf being used extensively, and furnished with many priceless works of art from the Royal Collection.

The Group outside Buckingham Palace

Leaving the Palace the coach took the group to Windsor for lunch and then set off for home. Several of the members being in good voice the trip home was a lively and somewhat noisy experience. The revellers arrived back in the early evening in excellent spirits, if a little tired.

2013 Ladies Evening

Prescot Lodge 2013 Ladies Evening was held at St Helens Masonic Hall. Worshipful Master Clive Jervis and his Lady Ms Kayla Huyton enjoyed the evening in the company of many of their family and friends. With nearly 100 members and guests present the evening was a great success, and a fantastic time was had by all. 

The Members and Guests were treated to a first class meal, provided by the hall staff led by hall steward Linda, starting with Pate and toast a delicious main course of Lemon & Herb Roast Chicken was followed by Clotted Cream Strawberry Tart and Cheese and Biscuits. 

Junior Warden Bob Bridge gave a most entertaining and humorous toast to the Ladies which was warmly responded to by Kayla on behalf of the Ladies. 

Don Frazer was the first up to entertain the Guests. Don first sang the Ladies song, and then presented a single red rose to several of the Ladies present. Don was followed by the Andy Baxendale Quartet who gave a great rendition of many popular folk songs and also a provided a disco to end the evening with much dancing and merriment.

Clive and Kayla preparing to greet their guests

  Daren Gandy with his wife Eunice and their Daughters Vicky and Rebecca


Ron Clark and his Son Gary and family played host to some of Prescot Lodge’s Widows

Sunday Lunches

Our Sunday Lunches are a very informal affair, we invite friends and family, enjoy a roast lunch and then entertainment, usually comedy and music from one of our favourite performers.

Like to join us for one of our social events or find out more about us? 

Use the "contact us" link below and tell us a little about yourself and why you would like to know more about Freemasonry and Prescot Lodge.

Summer Barbecues

Each year, usually on a Saturday in June we hold our Summer Barbecue, we like to have a theme and the members and guests are encouraged to dress up in accordance, recent themes have been Wild West, Caribbean, and Wartime England, unfortunately in 2012 the weather beat us and we were forced to cancel the barbecue for the first time.

For 2013 we had a Romany Gypsy theme which went down very well and the weather was great. Good food and excellent company made it one of the best yet, our usual raffle and roll a coin helped us raise a notable sum for our good causes.

A typical scene at a Prescot Lodge Barbecue, this one was a Caribbean theme

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